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Breast Uplift with Implant

If the breast is small, as well as sagging, we may have to achieve the most satisfactory result with the procedure where breast uplift with implant needed to be done together.

Breast Uplift with Implant

Many women throughout the globe choose breast uplift with implant to improve their look. In order to augment the size and form of the person's breasts, saline or silicone implants are utilized. Women who have breast implants feel more attractive and more confident.

Four Ways for Breast Uplift with Implant

Placing a breast implant can be done in four different methods. Under-breast fold; Many women seeking breast uplift with implant are very sensitive about the shape and size of their breasts. These negative feelings can be quickly treated with one simple operation. You can go back to your youth and enjoy your social life again. Many cosmetic surgeons prefer to make the incision in the natural fold beneath the breast because it makes implant insertion easier and more precise.
Under arm; For patients who do not wish to have any scars on their chests, this technique is the most popular choice.
Areola area; In the dark region around the nipple, an incision is made to expose the nipple. Most often, a surgeon will simply make an incision around the bottom portion of the areola if a breast uplift is not being performed.
Through belly button; Incisions are created in the belly button to introduce folded and rolled implants into the chest through the incisions made there.

Side Effects of Breast Uplift with Implant

Breast plastic surgery scars are one of the most often asked questions. Your preferences have a significant impact on the incision area. Because of this, it is important to understand the types of incisions and their features. Also, after your breast uplift with implant procedure, your skin may feel a bit tight. However, this feeling and swelling will diminish in a few months and the implants will settle completely.
Breasts will be fuller and more alive after healing. But these are temporary side effects. Breast uplift surgeries are done with our renowned surgeons and will have the best treatment possible with the least amount of side effects. Compared to other European clinics, our clinic is comparable, if not superior when it comes to quality and health care.

Is Uplift also Necessary During Breast Augmentation?

It would be a great mistake to say that breast uplift with an implant is always necessary. In some cases, when the breast is small, only breast augmentation procedure may not give a satisfactory result. If the breast is small, as well as sagging, we may have to achieve the most satisfactory result with the procedure where breast uplift with implant needed to be done together. Here I will mention breast uplift with implant all, but you may find more information on each page of breast uplift and breast enlargement

Is It Right to Do Breast Uplift with Implant?

Actually, breast uplift with an implant is a surgical treatment in which two procedures is having opposite goals. While during the breast uplift procedure excess skin is removed, and breast augmentation stretches the skin envelope of the breast. Therefore, a serious experience is required to perform breast uplift with implants that is contrary to each other in terms of their results. There is no doubt that the desired result will be achieved in experienced hands. Breast uplift with implant needs a really good examination assessment and planning. To have the best result of breast uplift with an implant you need to contact us!

Is it safe to Combine Breast Uplift with Implant?

First of all, it should be known that breast uplift with implants can be done in separate sessions by adding three to six months between each other. In fact, I sometimes have to separate these two processes.
But if it is desired to perform the procedure in one session, to stay in the hospital once, and to be in the recovery phase once; of course, if you are a suitable patient, the procedures can be done in the same session. It is slightly riskier than a normal breast augmentation and breast uplift operations, but I would like to emphasize again that the risk can be reduced by proper assessment and planning. Breast uplift with implant, it can be done in one session, of course, will give you faster recovery for the final result.

How do I Know if My Small Breast is also Drooping?

To have breast uplift with implant a classification of breast sagging is used in all plastic surgery. Accordingly, breast sagging is divided into three:

– Minor or first-degree ptosis
– Moderate or second-degree ptosis
– Severe or third-degree ptosis
If the location of the patient is determined correctly in this scale, the algorithm of the procedure to be performed can be much more established. As you can understand, patient desire – correct diagnosis – correct planning forms the edges of the most satisfactory result triangle.

Will the scar be more when Breast Uplift with Implant is done?

There is not much difference between performing these two operations together and performing only breast uplift. So in the final, you will have a periareolar, lollipop, or inverted T-shaped scars according to the method your doctor will prefer based on your situation. For more detailed information on this subject.

Operation and Early Period of after Surgery

Breast Uplift with Implant operation takes 3 – 5 hours depending on the technique to be performed. About hospitalization, even if I say usually one night, in some situations two nights may be necessary. The drains that we use in almost every operation are also placed to the surgical area. They are taken out after an average of 2 – 3 days.
I want to share how I perform breast uplift with implant: I place the trial implant through a small incision and then evaluate the patient in a sitting position on the operation table before I start uplift surgery.
When the breast is sufficiently large, I confirm that the planned new nipple and areola position is fitting to my drawings I have already made before the surgery in your room. This maneuver actually gives me confirmation, even though sometimes I should change the plan. It should not be forgotten that the goal is to reach the result that will make the patient and me happier in breast uplift with implant surgery.
There will be moderate (4-6/10) pain after Breast uplift with Implant surgery. But with correct and proper pain management, your comfort will be maximized. At the end of the surgery, I make a dressing with an elastic bandage that can apply some pressure to your breasts.
When it is seen that there is no problem with circulation in the nipple and areola you will be directed to wear a supportive bra provided by us. This usually happens on the 5th – 7th day. I use almost always resolvable sutures during skin closure of breast lift with implant surgery, so there will be no suture-taking session.
Everything you should not do after the operation is the same as explained in detail on our breast uplift and breast enlargement pages. As I told you above breast uplift with an implant can be done in the same session or they can be separated.

Breast Uplift with Implant Related Frequently Asked Questions

What are breast uplift and enlargement?
Breast uplift combined with breast augmentation is a procedure that helps women to reach fuller, rounder, and younger-looking breasts. If adequate fullness and size cannot be achieved with breast uplift, the only solution will be to place an implant into the breast. Here, the combination of breast lifting and augmentation with a silicone implant is called Breast uplift & Enlargement.
How long do a breast uplift and augmentation surgery take?
It takes 3 to 5 hours depending on the technique that will be performed.
Can you do a breast uplift and implants at the same time?
Yes, it is possible to do both surgical procedures in the same session. For more information…
What can you do after breast uplift and augmentation?
There will be no stitches to take because I prefer to use resolvable ones in this surgery. You may return to your daily life in 3-4 days. I want you to stay away from heavy sports (fitness, running, etc.) for 2 months.
Do I need an uplift with my implants?
This question can be answered either by checking yourself in classification in detail on the Breast Lifting & Enlargement page or during the examination with your plastic surgeon.
or during the examination with your plastic surgeon.
What can I expect after breast enlargement and uplift?
There will be moderate (4-6/10) pain after an operation. With proper pain management, your comfort will be maximized. An elastic bandage dressing will be made, which can apply some pressure to your breasts. On the 5th – 7th day you will be directed to wear a supportive bra provided by us.
How much is breast enlargement with uplift?
The pricing of the breast uplift & enlargement surgery is applied with the same fee for all our patients. Due to the relevant legal regulations, it is not possible to share information on our website about breast enlargement prices. However, you can contact us to have more information about the price and procedure itself.