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Breast Enlargement

Breasts are the structures that complete the physics of the woman’s body appearance. Breast Enlargement Surgery aims to enlarge the breasts with implants.

Breast Enlargement

Surgery to increase the size of the breasts is known as Breast Enlargement. Breast implants are placed under the breast tissue or chest muscle. Increasing the size of their breasts is a technique for some women to increase their self-confidence. For others, it is part of the process of rebuilding the breast due to various medical problems. An increase in breast size is achieved by using implants or fat transfer. If you have lost breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy, this surgery may help. It can also help correct your breast form or correct natural breast size asymmetry.

Reasons for Breast Enlargement

If you think your breasts are small or asymmetrical, you can have Breast Enlargement surgery. Or if you have had a baby or have lost a lot of weight, adjust your bra size accordingly. Or, you can equalize your deformed breasts after breast surgery for another disease.

Different Ways for Breast Enlargement Surgery

For this surgery, an incision is made in your natural skin fold, usually on the lower side of your chest. The implant is inserted through this hole by the surgeon. If you're young, thin, and haven't had children yet, your scar may be more noticeable. Various methods and tools can be used by the surgeon to perform this procedure. After this procedure, there are usually no scars on your breasts.
The areola can be shaved by the surgeon. This is the dark area surrounding the nipple. This incision is used to place the implant. Breastfeeding difficulties and nipple numbness are more likely with this technique.
In another rarely used method for breast enlargement surgery, the belly button is also used. Implants can also be placed through a small incision around your belly button. The implant is moved up to the breast area using an endoscope. It is then filled with solutions.

What is Breast Enlargement Surgery?

Breasts are the structures that complete the physics of the woman’s body appearance. Breast Enlargement Surgery aims to enlarge the breasts with implants.

Why the Breast Volume is Important?

Breasts play an important role in a woman feel like a woman. In light of this, breast volume becomes an important issue as well. Breast volume holds an important place in shoulder width, chest circumference, and waist, and hip circumference measurements. The body contour view remains incomplete when breast volume is small in these measurements. That’s why breast enlargement takes important in plastic surgery procedures.

What are the Problematic Situations a Woman can have about Their Breast Volume?

Breasts may be small structurally for a variety of reasons. One may be smaller than the other, which can be asymmetric. Congenitally, one may even never exist. Breast Enlargement surgery helps to make even the asymmetric breasts.

What is the most current and Healthiest Technique for Breast Enlargement?

Silicon implants are the most valid method today for equalizing or increasing the volume of both breasts.
There is a popular topic that needs to be written something about: Breast Enlargement with Fat Injection. Breast Enlargement procedures by applying one’s fat tissue have been tried and have been reported with satisfactory results in size. Even if it sounds really good because there will be no foreign material, there are important issues that need to be taken into consideration.
Mammography images of patients who have undergone Breast Enlargement with fat injection show microcalcifications which is an important sign used in breast cancer screening and diagnosis. I never prefer fat injection, as it can leave my patient in a serious matter. I use only breast silicon implants to achieve desired size. Silicon implant will not cause any microcalcifications therefore there will be no suspicion.

What is a Silicon Implant?

Silicone-containing products are also used for other purposes in the cosmetic industry and medicine. Silicon implants are balloon-like structures prepared in the form of breasts.
Round and Tear Drop shaped silicone implants are available. The main difference between Round and Tear Drop silicone implants is that they are giving different shapes to the breast place.

Which shape of Silicon Implant is better?

The shape of the silicon implant for Breast Enlargement to be chosen is hidden in your answer to a very simple question asked by your surgeon. “Do you want to have full decollate” If the answer is yes, the implant shape has to be a round silicone implant. Teardrop shape silicon implant can make the decollate full but not as much as the round one does.

Where the Incision and scars are located for placing the silicon implants for Breast Enlargement Surgery?

There are three places: Inframammary fold, around the areola (periareolar), and axilla or armpit (transaxillary).
In my practice, I only use an Inframammary fold incision which is hidden under the shadow of the breast. Scars placed around the areola surrounding the nipple can widen and introduce bacteria around the implant. Scars placed in the axilla or armpit can also increase the possibility of bacterial contamination. Bacterial contamination is so important issue when foreign material is placed in the body. This contamination is believed to be the main reason for the capsular contraction which I will mention below.

Which Implant Placement is better? Under or Over Muscle?

One of the factors contributing to the final results of breast enlargement is selecting the place where the implant will be placed: Over or Under the pectoral muscle. In order for the implant to be placed to behave as if it is a breast, it must be concealed very well. Therefore, tissue thickness on the implant plays a very important role here. If your skin and subcutaneous tissue are not thick enough to hide the implant, the best direction to go is under the muscle. But if the skin and subcutaneous tissue will hide the implant, the over the muscle will be correct.

Is there anything that needs to be done before the operation?

If you are under 40, I just want you to have a breast ultrasound. If you are over 40, I want you to show me your last mammography. If there is no mammography taken, I want you to get it. No matter what the age is, if the patient has a breast cancer history in her family, I want to see a mammography.

Operation and Early Period of after Operation

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. You need to stay only one night at the hospital. The operation takes 1-2 hours.
An incision of 4-5 cm is opened for implant placement. As I mentioned above, I only prefer Inframammary Fold Scar to place the implant. A supportive bra that I want you to wear for four weeks will be worn at the end of the operation. A thin tube – Drain may be placed to prevent possible blood accumulation in the surgical area.
Each surgery has a general or specific risk. Edema – Swelling, and pain in the breast area are the symptoms seen after the surgery. Bleeding and infection are rare. Some patients complain of increased or decreasing sensitivity in the nipple after surgery or numbness around the incision, which is generally temporary.
There will be no stitches to take because I prefer to use a resolvable one in this surgery. You may return to your daily life in 3-4 days. I want you to stay away from heavy sports (fitness, running etc.) for 2 months.

What is Capsular Contraction?

The body will produce a tissue called a capsule surrounding the implant with the aim of preventing direct contact of the tissues with the implant after breast enlargement surgery. The thickness of this capsule will be ranked among the reasons for the complications that will occur later on. A thin capsule does not cause any problems. If a mild capsule forms, mild hardness in the breasts and small shape changes of the breast can be noticed.
A thick capsule which is a rare situation around the implant will compress and change the shape of the implant which we call it capsular contraction. In this situation, hardness and sometimes asymmetry may occur in the breasts. There are many studies that showed capsule thickness – capsular contraction is highly related to bacterial contamination. In case of mild and moderate capsular contracture, external massage and additional operation can be performed. There is no choice other than removing the implant when severe capsule contracture occurs.

Does Breast Implant Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer?

There is no evidence that silicone implants increase breast cancer risk after breast enlargement surgery. However, in recent years scientists found an Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma associated with silicon implants. For more information about this subject please click.

The Last Sentence…

Breast Enlargement with implant is an operation that generally gives good and lasting results, improves one’s mental health and psychosocial structure, and makes them more connected to life.
If you are considering breast enlargement surgery, you should consider breast enlargement in Turkey.

Breast Enlargement Faq

  • How long do breast implants last?The implant company that I use which is Mentor gives a lifetime product replacement warranty for any rupture or deflation. If grade 3 or 4 capsular contraction occurs in the first 10 years, the company also gives a warranty for implant replacement. Financial assistance is another warranty type according to the situation.
  • Which is Better—Silicone or Saline?The implant has two main parts: Shell – Content. Whichever content is shell is always medical silicone. Content can be either saline or silicone. (saline-filled implants – silicone-filled implants). Since Silicone is more viscous than saline, it mimics the breast tissue better. Silicone Filled Implants often create a more natural look and feel to the breast.
  • Are Breast Implants Safe?In recent years there is a situation called Breast Implant-Associated ALCL (Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma). Even though it has been reported, it is so rare entity.
  • Which is the Best Size Implant for Me?There are some measurements to be evaluated during visits with every patient. According to these measurements, the ideal base size of the implant to be chosen can be determined. But the desired final size is not only based on base measurements but also based on its projection of it.
  • Which Implant Placement Gives the Most Natural Results?Naturality differs from person to another. That’s why I want to answer this question not based on naturality. Because the keyword answer is hidden in “decollate fullness”. More decollate fullness requires round implants. For more information.
  • What is the Best Incision Site?Avoiding bacterial contamination, which is the main reason for capsular contraction, is the most important step for breast enlargement surgery during the delivery of the implant inside. Since the areola and axilla have more crowded flora than normal skin areas, periareolar and transaxillary incisions have a greater risk for bacterial contamination.
  • Is it normal to feel ripples in breast implants?Rippling is one of the complications of breast enlargement. Even if it is rare it can be fixed. If it is determined in the early phase massaging may be the only solution. Sometimes it could be corrected with a locally fat injection or in severe cases changing the implant place. (rippling almost always is seen over muscle placement of the implant)
  • Can breast implants cause weight gain?Gaining a small amount of weight (up to 5 pounds) immediately after breast enlargement is a complaint of almost every patient. A part of this is of course due to implants (1-2 pounds) placed. The rest is caused by surgical conditions such as edema and inflammation. It will be understood that the weight gained from the surgery will not be permanent but will be given in time. So, the good news is you don’t have to worry about gaining weight.
  • How much is breast enlargement surgery?The pricing of the breast enlargement surgery is applied with the same fee for all our patients. Due to the relevant legal regulations, it is not possible to share information on our website about breast enlargement prices. However, you can contact us to have more information about the price and breast enlargement itself.