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Mid Face Lift

What is Mid Face Lift / Cheek Lift?

Mid-face lift, also known as cheek lift, is performed to provide the complaint of sagging of the cheeks and surrounding area, which is almost one of the first signs of reclining. For many people, Face Lift may not be able to fully cure the upper cheek and lower eyelid region of the face, which usually sags like hanging over lip with age. Face lift usually targets lower 1/3 of the face and aiming to correct the jowl, as well as the sagged mouth corners. However, the mid face lift operation is a procedure that is done by targeting the middle 1/3 of the face.

Repositioning the fat pad on the cheek (called the malar fat pad) provides fullness to the eyes and cheeks. The healing period of the Mid Face Lift surgery, which is much more permanent than the cheek fillers procedure that we try to do the same effects on a scale, is much faster than the face lift surgery.

Different techniques or one way?

The aim is to provide the former position of the malar fat pad which causes nasolabial groove deeper by sagging towards to it. This malar fat pad can be repositioned thorough the lower eyelid cut or through cut made in scalp on temple area. Since temple scalp region is far from mid face, endoscopes can be used in this approach and called Endoscopic Mid Face Lift. These two approaches aim to lift all the tissues in cheek area upwards. These two methods are surgery and I perform them under general anesthesia. If you do not want to have any surgery performed under general anesthesia, it can also be done under local anesthesia with French Suspension Thread Application for Mid-Face and Face Lift Procedure.

How long does this procedure last?

The durability of the classical or endoscopic surgical procedures performed either through an incision made in the lower eyelid or through an incision made in the temple scalp area is approximately 4-5 years, depending on the lifestyle and hazardous habits of the people. But I have to admit here, thanks to the technology which has been developed in the last period, we have begun to achieve an average of 2-3 years with French Suspension Thread Application for Mid-Face and Face Lift Procedure.

Surgery/Application and Early period after surgery/application

Whether it is done with surgery or using French Suspension Threads, there will be some limitation of movement of cheek and surrounding areas for a while (smiling, chewing, yawning etc).

After surgery, swelling and bruising are inevitable, but not too much. For the first week the mid face region will be supported with the help of small bandages. It is important not to lie on your side till end of second week. Pain is not a serious complaint after these procedures.

Mid Face Lift Related Frequently Asked Questions

How long does mid face lift last?

It depends on which method has been used. The result with surgical methods lasts 4 to 5 years while the result with French Suspension Thread method is 2-3 years.

How much is a mid face lift?

The pricing of the Mid Face Lift surgery is applied with the same fee for all our patients. Due to the relevant legal regulations, it is not possible to share information on our website about Mid Face Lift prices. However, you can contact us (barisyigit.co.uk/contanct) to have more information about the price and Mid Face Lift itself.

How is a mid face lift performed?

Mid Face Lift can be performed with either surgical methods or French suspension threads application.

What is a mid cheek lift?

Essentially the process of lifting the malar fat pad to its former position, which is located at the middle of the face and is the main structure of that region.