Five Things About Stomach Liposuction You Should Know

One of the women’s nightmares is stubborn, non-melting, and constantly accumulating fat in the abdomen. The adipose tissue collected in the abdomen and waist area over time threatens the health of the person as well as self-confidence. Diets, healthy eating efforts, sports, food supplements, and all methods to help lose weight are sometimes insufficient.  Hormonal imbalances, constant weight gain and loss, structural and genetic predispositions, and most importantly, birth cause excess fat in the non-melting abdominal region.Fats that do not melt in the belly area increase over time, causing women to have a larger and sagging belly. In such cases, the person can quickly get rid of the excess weight that affects the daily life of the person with the help of medical operations.
Abdominal liposuction operation is the removal of excess fat tissue in the abdomen using the fat suction method. In liposuction surgery, up to 5 liters of fat can be removed on average.
5 things you need to know about abdominal liposuction:
1- Liposuction is the most successful way to eliminate abdominal fat in aesthetic surgery.
It is the most successful and definitive method not only in aesthetic surgery but also in eliminating the fat in the abdominal region. Diets and sports may not work for some people, and other medical operations may not be suitable for some people, but liposuction is the best solution among all methods, with its simple process and precise solution.
2- It should be done under general anesthesia.
Due to the width of the operation area where liposuction will be performed, the patient should not be awake during this process.
3- Your doctor may request a drain after the operation.
Not every patient has a drain in liposuction surgeries. Your plastic surgeon will decide on this. Recently, the preference for drain insertion in abdominal liposuction surgeries has increased. The reason for this is that the control of bleeding in the body is easier and the wastes are required to be removed from the body more easily. If the drain is inserted, it can be removed the next day under the supervision of a doctor.
4- Post-operative corset use is more important than you think.
A corset will be attached to you during abdominal liposuction surgery. Thanks to this corset, the edema in your body will be removed from your body more quickly. You must wear your corset until the date recommended by your aesthetic doctor
5- You can also have a tummy tuck operation along with liposuction.
Liposuction removes excess fat in the abdominal region from the body. After this operation, if you have too much fat, your abdominal skin may look like a hollowed-out pouch. It totally depends on the patient. For this reason, you can get rid of excess skin at the same time, and you can have a tummy tuck operation at the same time with liposuction.
Medical aesthetic operations can be life-saving when all attempts to melt abdominal fat are unsuccessful. You should consult your doctor if abdominal liposuction is suitable for you.
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