Breast Implant Revision

Breast implant revision surgery is to replace the existing breast implants of the person with new implants and also to make changes that may be desired in the breast shape.


Breast Implant Revision

Implant revision is the replacement of existing breast implants with new ones. The breast implant revision surgery can also be done in conjunction with upgrading implant materials to change or improve their appearance. It is possible for breast implants to change shape or size over time, resulting in a less acceptable look or feel to the breast tissue surrounding them. Many women choose to have their breast implants replaced after 5 to 10 years.

Breast Implant Revision

Many people don’t realize that breast implant revision may be necessary for a variety of reasons, both medical and aesthetic. As a result of our comprehensive assessment of our patients’ demands, we are able to deliver the best possible cosmetic results. Our main goal is to provide patients with a safe and enjoyable experience, and we strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for every patient.

Safety of Breast Implant Revision

This is not a traditional technique and must be adapted to the patient’s needs and wishes. In conclusion, this procedure should be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon that is well-versed in all types of breast surgery, listens to the patient’s goals and wishes, and creates a surgical plan that will specifically address all concerns during surgery.
Our specialists will examine the concerns that prompted you to seek breast revision surgery with you in order to better understand your situation. This includes asking about any surgical issues that you may have had. If there’s anything specific you’d like your breasts to look like, you can tell them. This information will be taken into consideration by your doctor when developing a breast implant revision plan for you.

What is breast implant revision surgery?

Breast implant revision surgery is to replace the existing breast implants of the person with new implants and also to make changes that may be desired in the breast shape. This surgery can sometimes be performed upon an esthetic request, sometimes be done to treat complication of breast augmentation.

What are the Reasons of Implant Revision Surgery?

The reasons of Implant Revision Surgery are classified as below:
1. Esthetic Change request
A. Volume and shape changes
B. Changing the implant form of saline filled to silicone filled
2. Compelling reasons
A. Pain or breast shape changes due to capsule contraction (What is Capsular Contraction).
B. Radiological findings related to implant rupture
If there is a breast sagging that has developed within the past time after the first implant surgery, it is of course possible to correct this with implant revision surgery.
At the same time, during this revision surgery, upon request, it may be possible to reduce or increase the size of the breasts.

How Does Capsule Contraction Change the Shape of the Breasts?

Since capsule is a tissue surrounds silicon implant, any change of capsule like capsule contraction form will be resulted with the change of the silicon implant shape. If silicon implant shape which totally gives the breast shape changes, the breast shape will definitely effected.
I would like to mention something while lining up the reasons. Due to BIA-ALCL, which has been discussing recently, some of the patients who have already had breast augmentation are worried and I understand their concerns. Capsule contraction can be one of sign of this issue Revision or removal is not necessary because of this concern unless your physician has identified findings to be solved. I highly suggest that you must have follow up with your physician.

Will I have a New Scar with This Surgery?

If it is only changing the implants, the possibility of performing it through the same cut ( scar ) is high. There is no doubt that you will be having new scars, if it is decided to perform breast lift while changing the implant. Especially if there is capsule contraction to change the place of implant is sometimes has to be done. The implant revision surgery candidate has to be evaluated for any possible. capsule contraction

Operation and early Period of after Surgery

Operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes 2 to 5 hours depending on what is planned to be done. A small thin tube may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain excess blood or fluid that may accumulate.
The average period of returning of my patients to their routine daily life varies 3 to 5 days. According to the surgery to be done dressings will be different. Pain is usually mild (1-4 / 10). Swelling and bruises are temporary.
The final result will be obscured initially by some factors such as swelling. It will take 6 to 12 weeks swelling.

When will I see the final result?

The final results of breast implant revision surgery will be initially obscured by swelling. It will take 6 to 12 weeks for the swelling to completely disappear and the breasts to feel softer. it may take 6-12 months for the breasts to feel completely normal.
Healing time is different for everyone and sometimes it can take longer for the breasts to soften, for normal sensation to return, for scars to fade and for the patient to get used to the feel of having an implant.

Breast Implant Revision Related Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after breast augmentation can I get a revision?
This kind of Breast Implant Revision surgeries need to be planned and timed well. It has to be at least 6 months between revision and first operation.
Is breast implant revision painful?
Patients who have undergone breast implant revision surgery will be faced with the same discomfort and pain as the first surgery.
Can breast implants be repositioned?
Implant malposition is not very frequent, but when it happens, it is an annoying situation. By using the existing implant, only repositioning can be done. In this way, the shape impairment caused by implant malposition is corrected.
Will I need a lift after breast implant removal?
Removal of the existing implant of the breast will create a small and slightly sagging appearance in the breast. This degree of decrease and sagging is completely dependent on the size of the implant removed. Bigger implant, more sagging. Women with larger implants or less skin elasticity have a higher need for Breast Lift after removal.
Can breast implants be removed and not replaced?
If a woman chooses not to change breast implants, a breast lift may be required to correct loose and sagging breasts.
How long is recovery after implant removal?
The recovery time after removal of the breast implant is generally similar to the first breast surgery if the implant was placed again with or without lifting see also breast augmentation recovery (Operation and Early Period of after Operation) or breast lifting recovery (Operation and Early Period of the Operation), but if the implant has been removed and no action has been taken, the recovery period will be much faster.
How do I know if my silicone implant has ruptured?
Newly developing shape impairment, pain and swelling which increase over time, firmness and redness may be a symptoms of silicone implant rupture. If you experience these or similar symptoms, I would highly suggest that you contact your plastic surgeon without delay. If you want us to deal with these issues contact us.
How do you fix capsular contracture?
Nowadays although some oral medications have been tried, the definitive treatment has been accepted surgically. The generally accepted surgical method is to remove the entire capsule in the affected breast with the implants itself. If a new implant (I never place the same implant that I removed) is to be placed, it may be considered to change the placement.How soon can y
ou tell if I have capsular contracture?Capsular contraction problem may occur as early as a few months after your augmentation surgery or years later.
How much does it cost to get your breast implants redone?
The pricing of the Breast Implant Revision surgery will be priced according to procedures that may be added. Due to the relevant legal regulations, it is not possible to share information on our website about Breast Implant Revision prices. However, you can contact us to have more information about the price and procedure itself.
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