Face & Neck Lift in Turkey

Face & Neck Lift is a surgical method to remove sagged and wrinkled skin on the Face&Neck.




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Face&Neck Lift Surgery

Face&Neck Lift Surgery and all your related expenses. (Preoperative Blood Tests, Consultation with Dr Baris, Hospital stays and care, Surgeons Fees, Anesthetics Fees, All the materials and medicines are used during hospitalization and at discharge, Post-Op Check Up (7th and 21st day and more), Aftercare (every morning our clinic nurse will come and check you in your hotel room)

VIP Transfer

VIP Transfer Airport – Clinic – Hotel – Hospital

After Care

Nurse and Patient Representative will come and check on you everyday at your hotel room


The patient representative will 7/24 help and guide you


There are 3 hotels we work with )All of them offer Bed&Breakfast

Post Operation Follow

Our experts continue to follow the process after returning to your country. Your happiness is essential to us!


While fat deposits decrease in certain areas of your face, it can increase in other areas. A Face&Neck Lift is a cosmetic surgical operation that removes excess skin and fat, giving it a younger appearance. Skin sagging or folds on the cheek and jawline and other changes in the structure of your face with age can be reduced with this method. The skin on both sides of the face is pushed back and the underlying tissues are surgically changed during the facelift to give the Face&Neck a younger form. One of the most common surgical procedures to improve the appearance of the aged jawline and neck is a face and neck neck lift. . Weakened muscles, loose skin, and extra fatty tissue can all contribute to a poor look. If you want to gain your youthful look back, this procedure might be just for you.

Surgery Duration

3 – 4 Hours

Hospital Stay

1-2 Night


5th – 7th Day

Corsets / Splint / Bra

Face&Neck Corset


48-72 Hours

Anaesthesia Type


Final Result

6 Weeks

Return to Work

A Week

Operations 800++



I was born in 1979 in Antakya. I completed primary, secondary and high school education in Antakya. In 1996 I started to study at Ege University Faculty of Medicine in Izmir. In 2003, I completed the Faculty of Medicine. In the last year of the faculty, I conducted Neuroscience studies on rats at Louisiana State University Health Science Center for 6 months.

In 2004, I started my residency in Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty (Çapa). I completed my career education in 2010. In 2006, I completed the Microsurgery Course, which was organized by European Association of Micro Surgery, as the winner. I started my mandatory service in 2010 at Mardin State Hospital. In 2013, I started as Asst. Prof. at Duzce University Faculty of Medicine Department of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and in 2014 I started to serve as Chief of Department in the same clinic. 


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