Buttock Lift

Butt Lift is a procedure aims to lift and improve the sagging and flat appearance of the buttocks mostly after excessive weight loss.

Buttock Lift

It’s a procedure designed to fix the buttock’s image in an appropriate and optimal size to the body. As a consequence of favorable impacts and joyful outcomes on the body, buttock lift treatments are popular aesthetic treatments.

Buttock Lift

In buttock lift procedure, fat injection, implant usage, or one of the stretching-lifting techniques are employed. It all depends on the patient’s health and the present structure of the buttock; your health is extremely important to us so our doctors will examine your health before continuing the treatment. When required, these approaches can be used at the same time and in the same session.
The length of surgery depends on the procedure utilized. In general it can take between 1 and 1.5 hours. For the first several days following butt lift surgery, you may have slight discomfort. Painkillers prescribed by your doctor will help you get rid of these aches and pains quickly.

Reasons for Buttock Lift

There are many reasons for wanting buttock lift surgery; it can be because firm backs are more attractive or maybe because you want it for health reasons. Firm buttocks help to maintain a healthy posture. Standing up straight might be difficult if you have too large hips. A solid butt, on the other hand, may assist stretch your hip and maintain it all in balance, which relieves discomfort and injury risk.
As mentioned before, buttock lift is used to change the look of the buttocks. There’s no way to increase the size of the bottom parts with just a lifting surgery. However, a buttock lift can be coupled with buttock enlargement surgeries the aim is getting a more voluminous bottom.

What is Butt Lift?

Butt Lift is a procedure aims to lift and improve the sagging and flat appearance of the buttocks mostly after excessive weight loss. Buttocks will gain more round and firm appearance after removing the sagging and excess skin by Butt Lift. Although butt lift can be performed alone, its mostly done by lower body lift, which is part of the body contouring procedure.

What is the Difference Between Butt Lift and Butt Implant?

While butt implant improves the shape and size, buttock lifting improves the appearance of sagging and what excessive skin does. In some selected patients both procedures can be performed either in same session or separate sessions.

Will I Have Scar with Buttock Lift?

In order to remove the excess skin, cut has to be done at the upper border of two buttocks therefore the scar will be hidden under swimsuit.

Operation and Early Period after Operation

Operation is performed either under epidural or general anesthesia. Incision pattern will be like a seagull showed on above picture. If it is required, the drains will be placed to the surgical area to collect the blood and body fluid for 1 – 2 days. After closing the incisions adhesive tapes will be applied over the scar and there will be no suture taking out session because I use resolvable sutures. The results of gluteal suspension appear immediately after surgery. However, it takes about 3-6 months for the tissues to take its final shape. It takes 1 year for the scar to mature and fade. I don’t want you to sit and lay down on your back for 2 weeks.
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