Clitoral Hood Reduction

Clitoral hood reduction is the surgical procedure that removes the clitoris's protective skin covering in order to reveal its head.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

Many women struggle with their clitoral hood problems; clitoral hood reduction is the surgical procedure that removes the clitoris’s protective skin covering in order to reveal its head. Women’s sexual enjoyment is increased by removing extra skin from the clitoris. Also called as hoodectomy, the surgery removes the whole hood. Anatomy dictates where the extra tissue is indicated.
Folds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Women from all across the globe come to our nation to have vaginal aesthetics performed on their genitalia. In the world of health tourism, genital cosmetic surgery plays a significant role. Vaginal aesthetics is another area in which Turkish physicians excel.

Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery

A one-hour procedure can decrease the amount of unwanted skin on the clitoral hood. Using aesthetic stitches that are placed afterwards, it is possible to get a more natural look. In most cases, a clitoral hood reduction is performed in conjunction with other procedures. As a result, two distinct procedures may be done simultaneously, saving time.
Additional procedures include inner and outer lip repair or augmentation. This surgery is frequently performed in combination with labiaplasty to provide a more natural-looking appearance.

Why People Need Clitoral Hood Reduction

As mentioned before, the clitoral hood reduction surgery can decrease excessive folds of the clitoral head. The reasons for hood enlargement can change from person to person. In most cases, hormonal imbalances cause the clitoris to grow larger. One of the most frequent hormonal issues is clitoris enlargement.
Additional development can be caused by genetics or by frequent and prolonged masturbation, among other factors. If you are suffering from such problems, our doctors will be happy to help you. We offer best and cost effective treatments in Turkey with top specialists.
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