Vaser Liposuction

Liposuction is the first procedure that comes to mind in the society when it comes to aesthetic surgery.


What is liposuction?
Liposuction is the first procedure that comes to mind in the society when it comes to aesthetic surgery. Liposuction process, also known as lipo in brief, is the removal of the fat tissue present under the skin with the help of cannula through small incisions. The process is actually an aspiration as negative pressure is applied to the cannula at this time. With the cannula, the fat tissue is destroyed and also sucked out.
Are tissues damaged during liposuction?
Since the cannula used for liposuction is blunt, the possibility of damaging the tissues is almost zero.
How is it done?
Here, I will tell you about the conventional wet liposuction method, because this process can be named differently using many different technologies. But in the end, the process always proceeds in the same logic. Fluid which contains local anesthetic and vasoconstrictor (vessel constrictor) will be injected to the area planned. Injecting this liquid will gain us 2 advantages.
Bleeding from possible small blood vessels during suction does not occur thanks to vasoconstrictor added.
After the lipo, it is not possible to suffer from the pain due to the local anesthetic injected into the region.
A certain period of time is expected after the injection of the liquid I mentioned. Then, as I just wrote, the Lipo process is started with the help of small cannula. I would like to mention here that prior to this process, Laser or Ultrasound technology can be used, techniques called Laser Liposuction and VASER Liposuction are applied respectively. Or Radiofrequency technology, J-plasma technology, which aims to pass the possible sagging to the skin by stretching the skin after liposuction, can also be used. The logic of the process is absolutely the same in all. Each method has a superiority to another, it is necessary to find the correct method for each patient to evaluate separately.
How much weight can I lose with liposuction?
Unfortunately, I would like to correct a very wrong information among people here. Liposuction is never a weight loss procedure, but it is completely a shaping surgery. In other words, it is actually the process of receiving regional fat deposits. Of course, it will be a matter of weight loss as much as the amount of fat to be taken under the skin, but the main purpose is never to lose weight, but to contour.
High Definition Lipo is a special technical liposuction made to reveal the silhouette of the muscles existing in the region where liposuction is performed. Basically, the method is the same, but there are some special cases. In addition to the use of thinner cannulas for the purpose of revealing the muscle bends, it is almost a necessity to do it with VASER liposuction. In order to create the desired muscle curvature in the region, especially in order to create a 6 packs silhouette in the abdominal region, a drain should be placed, and the corset bottom should be supported with special sponges.
Early period after operation and operation
The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia according to the width of the planned region. Of course, the duration of the surgery will vary according to the planned area. Since the procedure is to absorb the fat tissue under the skin, a gap will be created in the subcutaneous region. It is necessary to apply external pressure to the region, which is made in order to prevent the accumulation of blood or tissue fluid in this space. This pressure is provided with corsets, which is one of the most important elements in the post-operative process. The corset should be worn for an average of 4-6 weeks. In some cases, the subcutaneous space I mentioned may be too large due to the width of the liposuction area and therefore it may be necessary to place an extra drain in that area. It will prevent a possible accumulation of blood or body fluid in these located drains for an average of 2 -3 days.
Where can liposuction be done?
Although all of the places I will count below can be done with the same method, applying different technological methods to some regions will always yield better results, as I mentioned earlier.

Belly – Waist
It is the most frequently liposuction region. When it comes to liposuction, it is the first place that comes to mind. There are two issues I would like to address for this region:
If there is also sagging in the skin at the same time with the regional fat deposit, Tummy Tuck comes together with Liposuction.
It is possible to obtain Abdominal Muscle (6 packs) image with a Technique called High Definition Lipo in this region.
The corset that will put pressure on the abdomen and waist should be worn between 4-6 weeks.

Especially with women wearing bra, the appearance can be seriously disturbing for them if they have fat deposits on their back. Apart from a classical liposuction process, it does not contain a special situation. The corset will be worn for a period of 4-6 weeks.

This region liposuction is actually a subject that is addressed in men and is discussed in detail in gynecomastia surgery.

Liposuction can be applied to all parts of the thigh, except for the front part, when the thigh is in question. The liposuction results for the anterior part of the thigh are not very heartwarming, so it would be beneficial to avoid them. Liposuction is a useful method for the fat deposit available in the inner thigh. In some cases it may be necessary to combine with thigh lift.

In the thigh area, liposuction is the most effective treatment method of the existing regional fat deposits on the inner knee.
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