Why is Liposuction So Preferred in Turkey?

When considering liposuction, always choose a clinic with experienced and certified doctors or plastic surgeons. Always be sure to talk to the treating doctor or plastic surgeon and ask about their experience. There are successful doctors on this subject in Turkey. For this reason, patients generally prefer this place With liposuction, the excess fat tissue locally is absorbed, which makes your body beautiful. After the skin is locally numbed, the underlying tissue is also anesthetized. The anesthetic fluid also helps to loosen fat cells and reduce bleeding. The fat cells are then sucked in using a small tube and a vacuum pump.

Where are Liposuction Centers in Turkey?

Liposuction gives the best results in people of normal weight and tight skin. This operation is not performed on people with a high body mass index. Doctors recommend a diet list to their patients. After the patient reaches a certain weight, he becomes suitable for surgery. In addition, with this operation, the appearance of cellulite does not completely disappear. However, its appearance may be reduced.
After this operation, scars are barely visible. Only very small incisions of two to three millimeters need to be made during the surgery. In addition, the plastic surgeon will do everything to make the scars barely visible. It is important to know that a scar needs one to one and a half years to heal. However, during this time, the scar will not be a problem as the scar is not obvious.

Is Liposuction Painful?

You will be given local anesthesia before liposuction. You will not feel any pain during the procedure, but you may feel a slight pressure. After the procedure, the treated areas are very sensitive. You can use a pain reliever if needed. Typically, the incisions after liposuction are so small that no visible scars remain. Also, incisions are made in inconspicuous places as much as possible. Generally, the wounds are closed with plaster. Stitches are only used if the incisions are slightly larger.
Liposuction is the operation where scars are seen the least. In surgeries such as tummy tuck, breast aesthetics, body aesthetics, the scar is larger and more obvious. But here, the incisions are more attractive because they are smaller. Both in the world of television and in social life, the number of people who have this operation is very high. The before and after pictures shared on the social account attract the attention of both young and old. Thanks to this interest, the aesthetic sector started to develop itself and enabled the use of higher technology.

Social Life After Liposuction

It is recommended that you spend the first week comfortably after the liposuction treatment. It is recommended that you start moving again immediately after treatment. This will increase blood circulation and speed up the healing process. After two weeks you will be fully active again, but only after six weeks can you start exercising again and do heavy physical work.
Considering the circumstances, doctors advise their patients to find an assistant. Because conditions can be difficult sometimes. Daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning are very difficult. At the same time, if you have a baby, this indicates that you are not suitable for surgery. Because it is recommended to wait at least 1 year after pregnancy. In this process, both your breastfeeding period will end and your stomach will be rested.

Is Liposuction Applicable to Everyone?

Liposuction treatment is suitable for people who complain of unwanted regional lubrication in the body. Localized fat deposits may occur in areas such as the abdomen, legs, jowl and back. Anyone can complain about this situation. However, you must be in good health. If there is no obstacle to the operation, you can have an operation.
Lipo is usually performed under local anesthesia. Sometimes epidural or general anesthesia is preferred, depending on the amount of adipose tissue to be removed and its locations. Depending on the amount of adipose tissue aspirated and the number of locations, the procedure takes about one to two and a half hours.

Is Liposuction Permanent?

The result of liposuction is permanent. The fat cells taken during liposuction cannot be made again by your body. However, as you gain weight, the remaining fat cells in your body expand. This renders the operation ineffective. If you want permanent beauty, you need to pay attention to your weight. Lipo cannot last forever. A person can gain weight again, become pregnant or get old. All this is a natural process. If the person’s health condition is favorable, this operation can be performed again. Many patients have plastic surgery several times. If the body will not be deformed, doctors can perform this operation.

Is Liposuction an Effective Surgery?

In the days after the liposuction, the treated areas will swell and you will experience bruising. In addition, local hardening of the subcutaneous tissue may occur and you may suffer from stiffness. In addition to swelling, bruising and local stiffness will disappear after a few months. About two months after the procedure, 80% of the result of the liposuction treatment can be seen. The final result is achieved only after three months.
Some fluid may leak from the wounds in the first 24 hours after lipo. Therefore, we recommend that you wear your old clothes after the procedure. You should wear special pressure garments day and night for the first four to six weeks after liposuction. This speeds healing, reduces swelling and bruising, and ensures the best possible result.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Liposuction?

Like any surgical procedure, liposuction carries risks. This can cause bleeding, infection, or an allergic reaction. In addition, residual bumps or pavements may remain that do not disappear or only disappear after a few months. Also, during treatment, the skin may become temporarily numb and subcutaneous nerves, blood vessels or organs may be damaged. The chances of these complications occurring are minimal.
Infections can occur after any procedure, including lipo. However, when sterile work is done under optimal conditions and not too much adipose tissue is absorbed, the chances of infection are small. If your doctor is experienced then you don’t have to worry. Because in this surgery, all dangerous possibilities are ruled out.
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